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Garrison Titan Discord Server

Post by ThumperTI »

Attention Garrison Titan Members:

After several months of going back and forth with Daetrin, Chris George, and Dino Ignacio, I am happy to announce that Garrison Titan now has it's own Discord Server here:

This will be a brand new space and resource for members of Garrison Titan who cant or don't wish to use Facebook regularly, or just want something a little different.

When you sign up, you will need to give your
1. Your currently assigned Titan Forum Name
2. Your Legion issued TKID number.

Please also note that, regardless of what your regular Discord name is, the username you use for the Titan Forums and your TKID will be enforced on the Titan Discord server so that it is easy for admins to keep track of who is who across multiple platforms. (ex: my Discord username is Skot#8887, however on the Titan Discord Server, I am ThumperTi TI-82875)

Also, as I am administering this new server on my own in the short term as I work out admin controls and rules, so please understand that I will need to verify all of you who join, and fixing your nicknames myself, on top of my other duties, and sleeping. Please check back regularly to see if you have been added, and only if you have not been added within 24 hours, then please reach out to me.

I hope this is a space that Titan members will find useful and enjoy and that it will flourish, especially during these difficult times, and also as we get back out into the public and are able to troop again, that this may be another way for us to coordinate.

Thanks, I hope you all enjoy!

Scott Kellas
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