Requesting Titan Forum Activation

Once you have created a costume, and you have been accepted into the Legion, we ask that you post here for the webmasters to move your account up to full forum activation.

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Requesting Titan Forum Activation

Post by ThumperTI » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:36 am

So, now that you're Titan...


We are thrilled for you!

In the immortal words of Ben Kenobi, "You've taken your first step into a larger world."

Joining the 501st and Titan is just the tip of the iceberg. The friendship, camaraderie and relationships you form here will last a lifetime, beyond trooping and into your home. We really are a family, and you are now a part of that!

So what next?

Next, you need to make sure that you join the 501st Legion Forum website here:
You must provide your newly assigned TKID and a valid email address for the 501st forum website, or you will not be admitted to join.

After that, you come to this section of the forums and request full activation for your forum account.

You will need to create a post where you will need to provide your first and last name your newly assigned Legion ID (TKID#) and what garrison you belong to in your thread.
If you are part of Garrison Titan, please make sure that you let us know.
If you are Havoc Squad, we also ask that you let us know.
If you are a member of another Garrison or Squad outside the state of Washington, we also ask that you let us know.

Note: Creating a TKID of your own, without it being assigned by the 501st Legion will cause your account to be deleted. We will not follow up with these accounts, and will not track them down to confirm, so please don't do it.

If you do not yet have a confirmed TKID from the 501st Legion, you still have basic access to our forums and can still make posts in the New Users and Board Administration section of the forums.

If you are a member of The Rebel Legion, we ask you to let us know that you are a Rebel and what base you belong to as well, as we will need to confirm your status with local Rebel Legion staff before we give you access.

We then may take up to 72 hours to review and confirm your request for activation, so please be patient and do not follow up before that.

We thank you and we look forward to talking to you here on the forums,

Long Live the Empire!